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Luis Torres, Principal

“SchoolCNXT has increased parent engagement in our school and it’s also increased staff morale. SchoolCNXT has improved the culture of our school.”


Teacher, Brooklyn Arbor

“SchoolCNXT makes it easy to have a conversation back and forth with parents so that we can work collaboratively to support their child.”


Ali Dutson, Principal

“Families have really increased their engagement in knowing about our school offerings and activities each day. I’ve enjoyed as a principal being able to update everything all to one space and know who are my stakeholders, what community members have I sent this out to.”


Parent, PS 42

“I’m a working mom. SchoolCNXT makes me feel connected even when I can’t be there.”


Parent, PS 770

“I like SchoolCNXT because it helps me stay connected with teachers and other parents to help take our children to the next level.”


Brooklyn Arbor

“SchoolCNXT is extremely user friendly. It is an equitable way to share out all of our resources with all of our families. SchoolCNXT allows every family to actively participate in our school.”




“Teachers do stay in touch with parents, but usually it happens when there’s a problem or something that needs to be fixed so I think that this creates positive lines of communication as opposed to only talking to your teacher if your child’s in trouble or not doing as well as you’d hoped them to do.”

“It’s also really lessened the amount of phone calls that have come into the office because there’s a messaging feature during our lunch breaks and parents lunch breaks the phone calls just never stopped because their schedule is very similar to the school day schedule so this gives them an easy way to get in touch and not need to leave their jobs or make a phone call, there’s a messaging feature which allows them to stay in the loop with the office at any time of day. It’s also really helped in terms of hearing from the teacher’s point of view because this has increased communication between parents and teachers. Putting the teachers’ names on things makes the parents feel more involved in the classroom instead of just getting a folder with a bunch fliers and parents don’t know who they’re coming from or how quickly you need to act on things. That aspect really helps parents feel more connected and welcomed into the classroom and into school life.”


Mery Faial (Haines)

“We had been working to connect our families and our teachers for about 3 years now and we started earlier in the school year trying to use electronic means and it was a mix of resources so when we heard about SchoolCNXT we thought this was exactly what we needed to really pull that technology piece together and get the teachers and families in sync and working together better.”

“Family engagement is extremely important because if the students are at home 70% of the time, the schools miss out on that time that could be used to support the students academically so when parents are able to get that information they need to assist their children at home family engagement actually supplements us in the education field, trying to get the students learning and using their time at home wisely to help them achieve what they need.”

“SchoolCNXT has helped us know that there is one way that we are all communicating. Teachers know they don’t have to send text messages or emails you can use one venue to send out information and at the same time for families it’s another means for them to connect with each other which was something they had requested wanting to have the ability to connect with other families in our school so this has given them an opportunity to do that as well. This is important because then families are able to support each other when they would like to. Families felt the need to get support from other families who may be going through similar situations, to help them with child care, or to support each other if they were running late so it was a means to get them more support and resources to help each other.”

“SchoolCNXT has made it easier to families to get information whereas the backpacks and the many other sources of getting information may not always reach them but now it’s flexible for them where they know there’s one place where – whether they work in the morning or at night – that they have a source that they can go and find out what’s going on with their child and get resources and information and connect with other families and their child’s teacher. It just makes sense and it’s so much easier having SchoolCNXT in their lives and in our lives.”

“Staff and families have really appreciated that SchoolCNXT has been a means for them to connect. It’s been positive feedback from everyone using the system. Teachers are able to share information with families, families are able to request information, share with their other friends in the school building.”

“SchoolCNXT has made my job more efficient because I am not having to spend so much time using different resources to send out information to communicate with families whereas before I had to send out fliers, make phone calls, there’s a host of different things I’d use to communicate with families so this is a simple tool that’s easy to use. You can create news, send a message, it’s easy, efficient and you can get the information you need out quicker so it has made my job easier. You send it and you know all your families are getting it because all of your families have smart phones and families can get it on their phones or computers, whatever they’d rather.”


Ali Dutson

“Families have really increased their engagement in knowing about our school offerings and activities each day. I’ve enjoyed as a principal being able to update everything all to one space and know who are my stakeholders, what community members have I sent this out to.”

“The thing that really stands out about SchoolCNXT is the ability to translate the messages into any language. So being a multicultural institution, we have many different families from many different communities so it’s really important that we are offering that information in a way that families can access it in whatever language they’re most comfortable in. So if I do send out a message in SchoolCNXT the family on the other end is able to look at that message in their native language and that is a really, really important piece of what’s offered through SchoolCNXT and something that I don’t think is readily available in other tools that are offered on the market today.”

“Families have been really impressed with SchoolCNXT. They are really impressed with the advanced nature of the tool and the ease of use. As soon as I launched my first invitation for families to join the platform, we had initial response of over 50% of our families engaging in the tool. Families are excited about the option to connect with one another but also the school itself. We had a family one time planning on outside event with another parent and they wanted to know how do they get the information to other parents in the classroom and they immediately went to SchoolCNXT, which was great, and that’s really what the community is for. That really helped us to see this is a valuable family engagement tool for our families.”

“I’ve definitely noticed an increase in engagement with our families through SchoolCNXT. We have a very young family base at our school and being able to really engage with them over a platform such as SchoolCNXT has helped to bring our community together even more. Families are looking for a connection, they are looking for a consistent place to get information and they are looking for a way to connect with other families too, not just the school. SchoolCNXT really offers that. We’re excited to continue this partnership because we have seen that gain with our family engagement and we know that it’s only going to increase over time with consistent use of SchoolCNXT”


Luis Torres

“The greatest aspect of SchoolCNXT is the ability to have constant communication with the parents and the staff of the school. I’ve had parents contact me at midnight and the next morning I check my messages and I can respond in the morning.”

“We have noticed increased engagement at our school. I’d say it’s 200% increase for those parents that are using SchoolCNXT. It’s becoming a way for us to bring parents into the building and engage them as well as a means of communicating with parents the expectations and academic success of their children via their phone and it’s changing the way we view our interactions with parents. It’s so much easier to send someone a message through SchoolCNXT than to pick up the phone and speak with them. “

“A parent told me this is exactly what she’s been looking for and waiting for as a way to communicate with the school on a regular basis. The parents love the app because now they feel empowered and they feel connected with the school. It gives the parents a sense of power, where they can communicate with staff and everyone in the building with instant access as well as the parents like the feature where we are able to present things that are happening in the building. They are feeling a lot more informed about what is going on in the school.”


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