Kickoff Resources

Whether it’s back-to-school or later in the year, here’s everything you need for a successful SchoolCNXT launch!

SchoolCNXT Coordinators and School Leaders

Admin Kickoff (PPT)

An overview of SchoolCNXT, review of key functionality, and rollout ideas

Coordinator Kit

A packet for coordinators with tips and tricks on how to have a successful back-to-school experience

Letter to New staff

Sample wording to inform staff about SchoolCNXT prior to sending invitations – for schools new to SchoolCNXT

Letter to Returning Staff

Sample wording to inform staff about SchoolCNXT – for schools continuing use with SchoolCNXT

Teacher Orientation (PPT)

A great way to introduce staff to SchoolCNXT. Provides notes for SchoolCNXT Coordinator or school admin to talk through presentation

Teacher Orientation (Video)

An alternative to the Teacher Orientation PPT

Back to School Backpack Stuffer

Sample wording to send home with parents prior to sending invitations. Translations are also available

(For translations click here)

Parent Presentation (PPT)

Can be shared with parents at PTA meeting or other event

“Already Active” Letters

If a parent has already activated his/her account but can’t remember login info, this letter can be filled-in and sent home

Printed Invitation Supplemental Translations

While the actual printed invitation letter can not be translated, these supplemental letters are translated and can be provided along with the printed invitation letter the system generates

School Office Sign

A great resource to hang in your school (in English and Spanish)


Teacher Refresher (PPT)

A refresher for returning staff highlighting new features

Back-to-School Calendar- Elementary

Parent engagement ideas to help you get started with SchoolCNXT

Back-to-School Calendar-Secondary

Parent engagement ideas to help you get started with SchoolCNXT

If your School admin hasn’t shared any of the resources in the above section, feel free to take a look!