July 26th, 2021

Key Partnership Unlocks the Digital Divide to Engage Thousands of California Families.

SchoolCNXT by CNXT Digital is proud to announce its partnership with the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE), as they roll out critical resources to support family engagement, health and well-being across 126 districts.

Lombard, IL – The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE), an evidence-based family engagement non-profit, conducted research at the height of the pandemic and found the digital divide made equitable education far more challenging. The COVID-19 crisis brought attention to how the lack of access and digital literacy has further disenfranchised our most vulnerable communities, such as low-income, immigrant, and English Language Learner families.

After recognizing the needs of these families, PIQE took a microscope to each communication tool, looking for the best fit to engage every family from school to home. With SchoolCNXT’s easy accessibility and innovative features like translation for over 100 languages and text-to-speech capabilities, PIQE quickly realized SchoolCNXT was the top pick to partner with to reach families on their terms.

Come the new school year, the SchoolCNXT – PIQE partnership will roll out family engagement workshops, STEM workshops, and digital literacy programs across all 126 school districts. The goal is to bridge the divide and provide access to 10,000 of the hardest to reach families with SchoolCNXT’s two-way communication platform – empowering every family to connect and stay connected to the community even after education.

“Empowering parents is a critical need for our families and communities. While we have always recognized the importance of technology to help break down the barriers to engagement for families, the current environment has made the SchoolCNXT platform a must-have,” said Gloria Corral, the President & CEO of PIQE, “Together with SchoolCNXT, we will be able to not only connect and engage more families but create new strategies that empower our families to ensure their children reach their full potential.”

“While many of these families do not have access to computers, most have smartphones. Mobile technology has been integrated into everyday life, making it an effective communication platform.” said Paul Caliandro, Founder of SchoolCNXT. “Together, we will connect and engage more families leading to not only empowered parents but entire empowered parent communities.”

PIQE is a national non-profit serving families with evidence-based programs that engage, empower and transform parents to actively engage in their children’s education and strengthen parent-school collaboration. In response to the pandemic and school closures, PIQE is supporting California families with online connectivity and navigation, bridging families to resources, and helping families to engage and be an active participant in their child’s education. Learn more at www.PIQE.org.

CNXT Digital provides comprehensive & equity-driven family engagement, communication, and program management solutions for districts and schools. The SchoolCNXT platform is an innovative, mobile-first family engagement tool that provides secure, two-way communication with translation for over 100 different languages. CNXT Digital has continuously worked with district superintendents, principals, teachers, and families to develop the most intuitive, easy-to-use platform. SchoolCNXT’s text-to-speech capabilities are proven to engage even the hardest families to reach – resulting in more parent involvement, interaction, and participation in school as well as better actionable insights for administrators.

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